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Sailing aimless-ishly



I seem to have not planned out this whole education thing. Don’t get me wrong, the boat is going in the desired direction, but the path isn’t as direct as it probably should be. After three and a half years, I still don’t have a firm understanding of what I want to do. I wasn’t very worried before, but as I get older, people ask more and more “What are your plans?” and shit. The answer never changes: “Not too sure there, bud.” Should students be worried about planning ahead? Is your future career a thing to worry about? Yes. Probably. After people ask you, and you spout the same old “I don’t know” line, they seem to always lend some half-assed comfort words: “take your time,” or “do what makes you happy.” Sure, “do what makes you happy” sounds pretty easy when you put it like that, I’ll apply for that beer drinking position at the local bar — oh wait, they don’t pay people for that, unfortunately. Shit, maybe I’d like being Old St. Nick. Work once a year, have a bunch of dogs with horns tow you around, what a gig. Ah, I’ll figure something out.

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