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Soundbite: Thundercat — Drunk



After listening to Thundercat’s Drunk, I must say, I need a drink myself. Drunk must be the quirkiest album I have ever sat down and listened to. If we are being honest, which I am, I will not touch this album again, even with a 10-foot pole. The songs reminded me of Mario Kart race track songs, just cruising along, dodging shells and banana peels, mindlessly; it is just filler music. I guess someone has to create it, I mean what would we listen to in the elevators? Maybe, just maybe, silence would be okay instead of resorting to Thundercat’s album. It would lend perspective if they were actually drunk during the creation of the songs, but that would be a lengthy binge. Now in Thundercat’s defense, not every song is bad; “Lava Lamp” and “Jethro” have some solid rhythm, I found my head bobbing at some points. Overall, not my style, but maybe it is for you, the reader — don’t pass over something just because of my opinion.

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