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The formula for an all-season healthy body



Summer is almost over. Practically all of us hoped to work out and maintain a so-called perfect summer physique, a “toned, strong, sexy bikini body.” Perhaps this summer wasn’t the perfect time to accomplish the dream hot body. But instead of waiting and regretting that, why not start a year-round health and workout plan to obtain a healthy all-season body?

Rather than counting calories and cutting down food, which takes the joy out of eating, it would be a good habit to eat healthy and mindfully by focusing on what you eat. In other words, it gives an opportunity to enjoy each bite of the food. I know student life sucks and enjoying each bite of the food is impossible when our lives are very hecticly scheduled — like oceans which are never still — but we can try.

We can use simple mathematics and accounting to manage our calorie intakes. Instead of just counting calories for each day, banking calories on a weekly basis will lead us to have a healthy all-season body. To start with banking calories, one should know their daily calorie goal intake to reach their final result. Due to several factors such as general health, physical activeness, gender, body structure, height, age, and weight, the number of calories per day varies from person to person. And of course, just slimming down isn’t always a healthy end goal — healthy bodies can exist at any weight. But if that is your goal, keep in mind that people have different metabolisms which burn energy at different rates.

This is how banking calories works:

Daily calorie goals x 7 = maximum weekly calorie intake

Throughout the week, play with your daily calorie intake. Don’t forget to track your calorie statement like your bank statement. To create a calorie statement, you could use the old school method by writing a food diary, or use handy technology by installing an app on your mobile phone. Save up all the unused calories for a cheat day to treat your moody, irritable, and fatigued self. In reality, we have a bank account to save our money, but here our main purpose is not to save up any extra energy (a.k.a. fat). Therefore, figure out how to stay active and try new methods to find what works best with your lifestyle.

Remember that our body needs energy to operate. Without energy, which is absorbed from whatever we eat and drink, there will be a hindrance to our everyday activities. In other words, calories and the substances from which calories are taken have a great impact on our health.   Don’t forget to consume only the required number of calories per day, which, along with healthy food choices, will likely lead to a healthy all-season body. Stick to a plan to eat well by stocking your pantry with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. By doing this, you’re saying “I choose to eat more fruits and vegetables,” which implies that you’re in control of your own diet and health. Make sure to have rainbow meals that include a variety of food groups, rather than just a lot of one thing.

Stress has become our life companion. Engage in relaxing activities like listening to music, meditating, and reading. Stress complicates our everyday activities. Have a good seven to nine hours of sleep. We ain’t machines! We are humans! Sleep is as important for us as diet and exercise are.  

By all means, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and our bodies are genetically programmed in a particular format. It’s important to realize that focusing more on health and less on looks will make you love your body, whether you should lose a few pounds or not.

Image: rawpixel on Unsplash

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