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The hierarchy of chocolate



It baffles me that some people consider milk chocolate to be superior to white or even dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is obviously at the top of the heap. Its rich, intense flavour is the culmination of what chocolate is and should be. Next is white chocolate. Yes, that’s right, white. It has a light creamy flavour that makes a nice counterpoint to the rich, earthy tone of dark chocolate. I honestly can’t see why some people don’t like it. However, I am not saying that milk chocolate is the worst. Good milk chocolate is lovely, but it does not have the great flavour of the extremes of white and dark. Bottom rank goes to American chocolate, which might call itself any of the above, but in my opinion doesn’t qualify because it lacks any real creaminess or richness, and it has so much sugar in it that it will make your teeth scream.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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