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Woah, I’m halfway there



As this semester draws to a close, I’ve hit the halfway point in my current program. While it’s possible I may decide to stay in school, and pursue something further, it’s strange to think that the whole experience may be into its latter half soon. When I realized that, my first reaction was “Wow, I still feel like I’m new here.” I still feel like I did at new student orientation, when the campus was a labyrinth, and experienced students treated it like a second home. But then I stopped to consider that.

Of course I still don’t know everything about this school, I can’t list every club, or give perfect directions to every classroom, but over the time I’ve been here, I’ve become far more comfortable at the school — I go for walks and just wander the campus sometimes, without feeling like I shouldn’t be there, I take naps without it feeling weird, and it’s getting rarer and rarer for me to walk to class without seeing somebody I know. I’m not a UFV veteran by any means yet, but I’m starting to realize that maybe I’ve become one of those people I was so impressed with during my first semester.

Illustration by Amara Gelaude

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