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Writing by the water



I write this as I watch the gentle waves fade into the shore. It’s almost 4 p.m. so the sun is easier on my skin. My sun hat is classier than ever accompanied by my big, dark shades making me look like a bitch on the beach. I love it. Pedro just brought me my third muy fuerte mango margarita of the day. As I take my first sip from the glass I conclude that this won’t be my last of the day. The tequila warms my pink cheeks as it flushes through my body.

To my right is my partner lounging in the sun, still obsessed with Candy Crush. To my left is a copy of A.J. Finn’s Woman in the Window. It was slow to begin with but the intensity is picking up. I packed four novels for this trip and I intend to finish them all. That’s right, reading for pleasure is present in my life. Reading break can continue for the rest of the semester for all I care. I’ll rebook my return flight.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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