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Complexities of terrorism investigated at UFV forum

Terrorism is a multi-faceted term that has a wide array of connotations and interpretations depending on who you ask. To some, terrorism solely relates to groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda who are posing current threats to Western civilization.

Efforts for sustainability continue at UFV

UFV’s Green Team met last Thursday to discuss environmental sustainability at the university. Talking points included upcoming events, composting, recycling, and energy use at UFV, and ways of moving forward with different sustainability initiatives. There was also pizza.

Field House Brewing is a solid addition to a fast-growing set...

Something is happening in Abbotsford, and it all seems to be focused on the formerly derelict section of “Old Abby.” Young entrepreneurs are looking at the low prices and hidden potential of this once shunned neighborhood and giving it new life.

This Valentine’s Day, consider Charade, a spy-romance-thriller (and remake) that opens...

n the year 1963, Universal released Charade, a smash hit, roller-coaster thriller. An Alfred Hitchcock-inspired suspense story about a woman named Regina Lampert (played by Audrey Hepburn) who comes home from a vacation in the Alps to find her apartment empty and her husband, whom she was going to divorce, dead — “thrown off a train like third-class mail.”

Freddie Gibbs’ Shadow of a Doubt – A harrowing tale of...

Coming off of 2014’s critically acclaimed Piñata, Freddie Gibbs has returned with a third album, one that is much darker and more aggressive than its predecessor. Shadow of a Doubt is a record that explores the themes of trust, poverty, drugs, gangs, and ultimately the trials and tribulations of life in crime-infested streets.

Mystery Jets still can’t find their sound

As the Mystery Jets move from album to album, songwriter and frontman Blaine Harrison seems to continually re-define the group’s sound. To date, the Mystery Jets have penned records that have been labeled as post-punk revival, indie pop, and Americana.

Gallery 7’s The Giver condenses a classic story of conformity

This past Friday was opening night for Gallery 7 Theatre’s run of The Giver, and true to their established reputation, it was a good performance.

“Let’s not mince words here”: Writer-in-residence Jen Sookfung Lee on personal...

Lee was gracious enough to agree to an interview with The Cascade, during which we discussed a broad range of topics ranging from her introduction to, and decision to walk down, a creative path, to her thoughts on the publishing industry (and hip hop).

Reading break: don’t let reading break you

Reading break is nigh. Perhaps this time you’ll actually use it to read. Or perhaps you’ll catch up on all that sleep you sacrificed to get that stupid project finished. Whatever you do, don’t waste this week of opportunity on school stuff, unless you actually enjoy it.

Yellow Umbrella Project unfurls at UFV

Students are adding a splash of colour to the mental health conversation.