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Willband Creek Park: a peaceful birdwatching paradise

The health benefits of walking are underestimated. Not only does it get you moving — which aids your muscles, heart, and joints — but it also reduces stress levels.

A lesson in observation and moderation: The good and the bad...

For the most part, I’ve avoided fad diets, because I hate to feed the hungry, manipulative marketing beast that exploits people who want to improve their health.

CIVL Shuffle: Sexy edition

By Dessa Bayrock (CIVlian/Lifesaver) – Email Print Edition: May 6, 2015   Dessa is a sometimes CIVL DJ and an ex-Cascade newshound. Once upon a time she...

Ono’s Sushi brings a modern touch to Abbotsford sushi scene

Ono’s is different from the usual sushi fare in Abbotsford.

Like grief, the poetry in M x T is wild and...

By Katie Stobbart (The Cascade) Grief can neither be contained nor measured. Similarly, the poems in Sina Queyras’ M x T bleed together, with lines...

Snapshots: dandelion spiders, great outdoors, recycling, and public art

Curtailed commentary on current conditions.

Reflecting on both sides of now: Bachelor of Fine Arts grad...

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) grad show, Both Sides of Now, is currently on display in the halls and classrooms of C building.

Respect boundaries first, book strippers later when planning bachelorette party

By Nadia Pumpkin* (Contributor) – Email Print Edition: May 6, 2015   For friends of the bride-to-be, prenuptial festivities are nearly always going to be the highlight...

The back-breaking weight of textbook costs

Being a university student in Canada comes with an array of unexpected costs that can make studying difficult without the financial aid of student loans.

UFV Fashion walks the runway once more

The annual UFV Absolute Style fashion show had its final moment on the runway Wednesday, April 29.