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Bananas about bananas



As a child, I loathed everything about bananas. The stringy bits that peel off and get stuck to your finger, the ugly brown colour they turn (far too quickly, if you ask me), and of course, Satan’s anus — you know, the small sharp thing at the tail end of a banana. People willingly eat these? No thanks.

But I’ve moved past all this. I put bananas in smoothies, on my cereal and toast, and I even eat them on their own. I’ve learned to look at the stringy bits as no more than minor complications, and even rapidly ripening bananas don’t hinder me anymore I just make banana bread!

I think the problem was one of maturity. I’ve learned to look at bananas, not as a strange fruit that could be detrimental to my health, but as a compact snack that comes in its own packaging, and tastes damn good too.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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