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Buried in books



On this week’s episode of “Cat, stop that,” we’re talking about books. Specifically, my inability to put the brakes on my book addiction. My bookshelves of which I have many are literally overflowing, and at any given time I have at least four books on the go: something for a class, a poetry book, a novel, and some type of nonfiction. Despite not spending enough time reading, and having more books than you can shake a stick at, I then end up going for a stroll around the library, emerging with another three to six books I in no way have time to read. And though this sounds like a great problem to have (really, I could be addicted to internet shopping or McDonald’s french fries), I fear that one day I’ll have so many books that I won’t be able to navigate my own house without stepping on Woolf or Atwood or Nabokov, sending me tumbling down the stairs to my tragic, literary end. Though for someone with a love of dramatic Victorian and gruesome horror novels, this may be the perfect way to go.

Image: Mikaela Collins/The Cascade

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