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De-stressing with LNAP



On Tuesday, November 7, UFV’s Academic Success Centre hosted their annual Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP). Started in 2015, LNAP is an event focused on helping students prepare for final papers and exams, and the stress that comes with them. Abbotsford campus’ event was held from 5 p.m. to midnight in G building, and the Chilliwack campus’ event was held from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. in A building.

There appeared to be only three rules for LNAP: no naps, don’t panic, and have fun.

Students were able to visit a citation first aid tent, the math and stats centre, a knitting station, the #InThisTogether table, and the Academic Learning Centre table, among others. Students were also given the opportunity to speak with librarians and peer tutors in the Academic Success Centre, and were given access to free black and white and colour printing as well.

There was also a button making station, where students could cut out parts of a magazine, and have them be turned into buttons, and a de-stress room, which had calming music, colouring books, board games, and crossword puzzles.

If students signed in to the LNAP event, they were given a bingo-style card, which they could get covered in stickers from different booths collecting eight of these stickers allowed students to enter a draw for a free three credit course.

Perhaps the most popular activity of the night was the therapy dogs who showed up at the Abbotsford campus at 7 p.m. Students swarmed around the stout golden retrievers, making sure to pet them and tell them what good boys they were. That, or the cartons of cookies, and the pizza that was delivered at 11 p.m.

UFV’s LNAP hopes to promote good study habits, provide students with the resources they need to get through end of semester assignments and exams, and grant UFV students a brief reprieve from the stress that accompanies the last few weeks of the semester.

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