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Proud plant mom



This year, since I’ll have my own garden for the first time ever, I decided to buy a few seeds to see what I could grow. I drove myself over to the garden centre, made friends with the resident cats, and picked out a few different types of flowers that’ll enjoy lots of sun and probably won’t be eaten by my dogs. Well, a few turned into 12 including a black pansie-like thing called nemophila I unfortunately keep calling necrophilia and two full plants (a rubber plant named Rudy and a maidenhair fern named Francesca).

I’ve always been told gardening is a hobby of patience, but it’s been less than a week since I planted the seeds and a few are already poking through the dirt! The black-eyed Susans are still tiny, but the lupins have already shot up a centimetre, Rudy has new shoots, and Francesca has unfurled another three or so inches in every direction. I am a proud plant mom, and I can’t wait to stick these boys in the garden and watch them bloom.

Image: Satinder Dhillon/The Cascade

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