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Nightly decisions



Every evening I face a difficult decision: do I let my cat sleep on my bed with me or close the door and leave him out on the couch? When I let him come into the bedroom he does not sleep quietly he snores, loudly. Plus he doesn’t prefer to sleep on the mattress, but on my body instead. Usually my neck, to be specific. All of this is accompanied by purring for a long time before he falls asleep. After thinking about the ruckus he makes at night one would think, Okay, well, lock him out of your room.

This is also difficult to do because as soon as Liquorice realizes I’m not coming back to the couch with him, he will claw and scratch the door to my bedroom. When the clawing doesn’t work, he sobs for hours on end.

Since I only have two rooms in my place, my options are limited.

But even though I complain, I kind of like this because of all the attention I get, even if it’s only from my cat.

Image: Satinder Dhillon/The Cascade

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