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Pumpkin spicin’ up life



It’s officially fall, and you know what that means: pumpkin spice inevitably creeps into our lives, oozing its way into everything from coffee to candles; there are even pumpkin spice Doritos. If you can taste or smell it, you bet that pumpkin spice can be added to it. I, for one, love pumpkin spice. Not in a “it’s fall so I’m going to go HAM for two months” way, but as a basic component that can “spice up” (see what I did there?) your life all year round. Oatmeal a little bland? Pumpkin spice! Not sure what to add to your soup? Pumpkin spice! Mint toothpaste got you down? Pumpkin spice! But you can’t have pumpkin spice without the haters, right? The ones who say pumpkin spice is basic, pumpkin spice is overdone, pumpkin spice will rot your teeth, and no, Cat, you can’t inhale pumpkin spice to gain special powers. And maybe they’re right, to some extent, but I’ll be damned if I let someone else tell me what to put in my coffee.

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