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Soundbite: i wanna be your girlfriend — girl in red



While perusing Spotify on a cloudy Friday, I stumbled upon a new artist, girl in red, and listened to her song “i wanna be your girlfriend.” On top of a bubblegum beat, girl in red sings about her love for another girl, Hannah. It’s nothing special, and sort of blends in with many other female-fronted indie bands of today yet there is still something in it that makes it stand out.

Perhaps I’m just drawn in by the fact that this song (and most of her other songs) centre on being a girl who likes girls. In “i wanna be your girlfriend,” girl in red sings “I don’t wanna be your friend I wanna kiss your lips / I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath.” Her lyrics are simple yet impactful anyone who’s had feelings for a friend (especially one of the same gender), can deeply relate to the meaning behind “i wanna be your girlfriend.”

girl in red isn’t unique in fact, she sounds like many other female indie artists around today. But that doesn’t mean the song won’t make you want to sing along.

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