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I think I’ve been playing D&D too much



Why can’t life be one big Dungeons and Dragons game?

We could roll d20s (those neat looking, 20-sided die) to see how well we do in social interactions, sports, and general life situations. And with the modifiers that you’re born with, or build up over time (think bonus points you earn from practicing something over and over), you get a boost to anything you roll. So maybe you roll an 11 to see if you pass your history test, but your plus six to intelligence bumps that up to a 17; therefore, you pass the test!

What might not be so great about this is when you roll a one; instead of acing the test, you fail miserably, and end up breaking your ankle, or flipping your car into a ditch. (Don’t ask me how, that’s just the way the game works.)

Maybe it’s better not to leave our life decisions up to the roll of a die, after all.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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