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No pet-idemic



An increasing problem in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley is rental availability. Within that crisis, there is a second, ever-growing issue that needs to be addressed: pet-friendly housing is all but absent in local classifieds.

I am currently in a living situation where I live happily with my dog. However, that arrangement is not indefinite. The thought of having to someday leave her behind terrifies me, as I know it will be a living nightmare trying to find an affordable home where I am still able to keep her.

It is understandable that some homeowners might fear the possibility of damage done to carpets and walls by pets. Let it be known that in my experience, such damage is rare, and easily fixable. When all else fails, pet deposits exist for the worst of incidents.

I am in no way suggesting that taking away a homeowner’s freedom and forcing them to allow pets in their suites is the answer. But a little compassion goes a long way in this world, and everyone needs a few more friendly furry faces in their lives.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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