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selfless is a documentary centring on the high usage of social media, selfies, and technology in our society, and poses the question “What are we really reaching for?” when we reach for our phones. Though selfless is not an anti-technology film, it does probe us to consider why we spend so much time with our face to our phone.

The documentary was created by Kim Laureen and Megan Dirksen, a mother and daughter and the two women behind Fresh Independence Productions, a film company based in the Fraser Valley. Despite being turned down by major film companies due to their status as first-time filmmakers, they persevered, funding the entire production out of pocket.

selfless follows several unique individuals a girl living on a farm in rural Wales with no electricity, a boy in Vancouver who’s 95 per cent blind who don’t fit into the mould of what people expect from the “younger generation” (neither spend any time on social media) and how this affects them in their day-to-day lives.

The documentary also prompted the creation of the hashtag #raisethebar, which encourages individuals to take a step back from conducting the majority of their relationships through texting or social media, and return to face-to-face connections. It also attempts to persuade people to step away from basing their self-worth on the “likes” they receive on social media.

After the screening, guests will be able to stick around for a Q&A panel from some of the individuals involved in the documentary: Kim Laureen, the director; Dr. Dave Currie from Doing Family Right; Greg Bay from CBI Health; and Paige Freeborn from World Music Program.

Selfless will be screened at Clarke Theatre in Mission on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 7 p.m.

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