Underdogs take first national varsity medal

The Cascades women’s basketball team has accomplished the greatest feat in the history of the program; they have the national bronze medal and are the unopposed third-best team in the country.

No more pensions for prisoners, says Bill C-31

The federal government has officially reviewed Bill C-31 – put forward by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley – and finalized the decision to pass it on December 16, putting an end to the distribution of Old Age Security Pension (OAS) to federal prisoners. The bill was drafted in response to the public outcry following reports that Clifford Olson was receiving $1100 per month in OAS while federally imprisoned. Debate has subsequently erupted concerning whether incarcerated members of society should be receiving benefit at all, since the government is already paying for their housing, meals, and care.

Album Review: The Mountain Goats – All Eternals Deck

For those solely familiar with his work as the founding and only permanent member of lo-fi folk-rock outfit The Mountain Goats, the following statement might register as somewhat of a shock: John Darnielle is (not-so-secretly) a metalhead.

Commentary: Don’t touch my junk!

I do not like air travel. Airports are quite hellish; the tickets are expensive; the seats invariably too small; and the security process both far too long and insultingly ineffective at deterring even the most inept ne'er-do-wells and villains. I have generally stayed away from those places as a result, but I have had to travel by air in the past by necessity – it simply isn't feasible to take a train across the country, or drive for five days to get to Ottawa for a three day soiree. Luckily, however, I was able to escape molestation on the part of the poorly paid security screeners. Not because I am particularly charming or innocent looking, but because I just happened to have been traveling before the introduction of sexual assault as a standard screening process.

The fight for copyright

UFV is in the midst of a battle. The University has been in negotiations with Access Copyright for the last year-and-a-half in an attempt to find a middle ground between what both parties believe is a fair tariff to pay on the copying UFV students and professors do on a day-to-day basis.

Outside the (take out) box: Milsean Shoppe

Aldergrove is often the forgotten town between Langley and Abbotsford, but just two blocks south of the liquor store on Fraser Highway there’s a little café with big surprises. The Milsean Shoppe takes up the retired residence of an old fire hall that has been refurbished to serve members of the community looking for a good cup of coffee, some fresh food, and a nice atmosphere.

Budget approval, scholarship discussion, and other debates

Opening the meeting on a positive note, outgoing VP internal Greg Stickland spoke to the general accomplishments of the SUS board over the last term. Highlights included a new board reform, the launch of the Abbotsford-Chilliwack campus connector shuttle, and the start of construction of the new student union building.

The SFS Report: Garbage on the green

Every morning the grounds are picked clean of litter. It seems unbelievable with so many easy to find garbage cans and recycling bins that garbage is finding its way onto green space.

The Cascade’s official summer beach guide

The great thing about living in the Lower Mainland is the great number of beaches that are nearby. Rather than bitch about how hot the weather is, you can make a trip to the beach and live a little. While some amazing beaches have been left off the list, here are some of the best beaches in the area – see if you can catch them all this summer. And don’t forget to invite your friends; there’s no cheaper way to enjoy a perfect day.

On The CASE Exhibit Comes to UFV

Brightly coloured photographs lined the main room of the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies in UFV's University House on Tuesday, October 26. A good turnout of people were milling about, chatting in small groups, sipping wine and enjoying appetizers. The photos were displayed in an order that, accompanied by a six-page colour handout, told a story, which, while interesting to a western audience, shows a familiar reality to the estimated 68 million slum-dwellers in India. Faced with a topic that could turn hopeless, Marilyn Smith shares the beauty and vibrancy of her experience with photos that capture laughter, joy and inspiration for real change.