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CIVL Shuffle — April 4, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy saw the station celebrate their 10th anniversary the same week as a band 35+ years strong stopped into the studio, including a guitar player who rocked this paper pusher’s teenaged years nearly 20 of ’em ago, so here’s a shuffle to recognize all that.

54-40 – “Since When”

A comeback of sorts for this Can-rock mainstay. Appearing on one of several albums they released in the ‘90s, this one takes a decidedly optimistic outlook, encouraging you to “be a believer,” and that “love can be beautiful,” and then asking “Since when did it matter if the outside world fit in?”

You Say Party! – “Midnight Snack”

My thoughts waking up during the night: “What you doin’ tonight? What you doin’ tonight? / I don’t know I ain’t got no midnight snack / I don’t know I ain’t got no midnight snack / I don’t know I ain’t got no midnight snack / I don’t know I ain’t got no midnight snack.”

Matthew Good Band – “Change of Season”

“I feel like I’m losing for money / I feel like I’m losing for free / I feel older than the dead angel on my shoulder claims to be / I feel like drinking and driving / I feel like running into walls / swimming in your apathy / as a kinda parody for miles and…”

Kristin Witko – “Hausfrau”

This song seems to be criticizing the standard hetero-normative relationship homelife work delineation, before and after the repeated proto-masculine cycle of “put me down, then you pick another,” where she laments, “I cook the meals for another man.” It’s the coming out party that’s been decades in the making now!

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