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The relationship between SUS and its members is an ill-fated but well-intentioned budding romance (with a high school level of maturity) that at its best, uplifts and brings out the best in both parties, and at its worst gets bogged down by failures of communication and the irreconcilable personal qualities of the people involved.

There’s only so many times that the phrase “We must improve our communication” can be uttered before it becomes a meaningless garble of sounds. The late, and at first vague, response on the Cheam Leisure Centre might be a prime example (although for the record, student calls to ask UFV to refund student fees out of protest are hilariously off the mark) but so have been the concerns with the lounge where many students who showed up to the board meeting didn’t feel they were adequately warned or consulted.

On the bright side, their email and Facebook response times are on the upswing. A few stumbles to start, but transitions are understandably difficult. Here’s to a hopeful future where there won’t be a fallout over a misinterpreted text message, Instagram follow, or rumor mill of whom someone sat beside at the last movie night.

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