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Mediocrity, In All Things



It might be typical of our West Coast culture that even our final election results will be scrambled together in the final moments before the deadline. Absentee ballots will turn the tides in a few, namely Comox-Courtenay and its nine vote spread, which should hopefully be enough to rattle the cages of everyone who thought their vote wouldn’t matter. It’s also typical of our perpetual drizzle that although anger and polarization were typical, so much about our energy in this entire endeavour was subdued. Was there much to be excited for? The best meme was Hulk Horgan and that wasn’t even that funny or good. Local candidates were sigh-inspiring, tops.

Yes of course there is reason to celebrate the fact that the Greens finally have a proper caucus, but there is still apprehension for what the makeup of our government will be (and the choices Andrew Weaver will make) and doubt for how far the drive for electoral and campaign finance reform will go. Maybe this malaise will subside when the final call is made later this month, but for now this entire election has just made me feel tired.

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