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Don’t fear the new year



I think it would be safe to assume that a majority of us have not gotten over the inevitable “new year, new me” phase yet. I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions, something that marks the first couple of days, or even a few weeks in some cases, of every year. Oh, too soon? There are statistics all over the internet demonstrating very uninspiring facts about people being unsuccessful in living up to their own expectations. In fact, we can see people of all communities from various parts of the world posting about their failed attempts on social media platforms, and making it a viral topic. Who would have thought that incompetence and lethargy could bring the world together on such a large scale? But I am not writing this to highlight inability and hypocrisy among us. We do not realize that the people who make resolutions are embodiments of, flawed though it is, hope and progress. These are the people who care about bringing a positive change about themselves. They care. So go out there with your resolutions, and give ‘em your best shot. You will know that it was totally worth it.

Illustration: Amara Gelaude

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