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Keep calm and watch a movie



I have a habit of studying or working on my assignments for hours upon hours, until my mind turns to mush, or I feel overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to take a break in order to feel refreshed. I could play video games, but then I find it hard to quit halfway through story mode, or get lost in random YouTube videos that are suggested to me, and procrastinate. So to alleviate those issues, I go to the movies! It’s the perfect way of giving yourself a mental break and getting out of the house (or library): you get a two-hour break to just focus on the film and enjoy some delicious, buttery popcorn, and don’t have to think about your classes and deadlines. You can consider it as being a “break,” or an opportunity to reward yourself for not procrastinating, and actually getting work done.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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