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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor:



If you are going to start university, a great place to go is UFV. As a student who learns in his own way, my experience at UFV has been welcoming. What has made it a positive experience are the courses, the teachers, the orientation, and the campus.

I have enjoyed the interesting courses. The teachers are positive, approachable, and helpful. They go at the students’ learning pace, and give leeway for assignments while expecting students to be responsible. They use various methods to present ideas and concepts.

The orientation for the new students helped me become familiar and start my year off with excitement and fun. There were games and activities to get to know each other. The tour helped the students to become familiar with the campus. The fair gave us information on the courses, and a chance to meet the instructors.

The campus is relaxing and comfortable. The buildings on the small campus are interesting, and easy to get around. The environment is close to nature. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of people at UFV.

I will never forget my experience being at UFV.

-Damani Jordon

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