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Self care scare



I have read one too many articles online detailing how “self care” can save your life as a student. It isn’t that easy. First, let’s establish something: being a student is a constant battle with busy schedules, and feeling overworked. So yes, once in a while you are entitled to some sort of break or indulgence. But what happens when your stress levels increase, and you find yourself indulging far more often than you used to? Your indulgences get expensive.

I mean sure, I desperately need coffee, a manicure, and to see Annihilation in theatres six more times. (Seriously, it’s a great movie, and you should totally go see it.) But I also know I should be saving money for next semester’s tuition, or bills, or whatever else. These days, I find it is important to remember that self care is just as much about being responsible and getting your work done on time to avoid stress, as much as it is about chocolate and bath bombs. Your brain needs a break every once in a while, but so does your bank account.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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