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Online instructor evaluations



From my first semester at UFV, I’ve taken online courses due to their convenience. There have been some courses that I absolutely adored. On the other hand, I’ve had some horrible experiences. Unfortunately, I did not receive any instructor evaluation forms to talk about my experiences. I would’ve appreciated being able to provide feedback to professors/departments in an anonymous manner like the in-class instructor evaluations.

This semester, I received an online instructor evaluation for the first time in five years. I was excited as I could provide actual feedback about the class. My course (thankfully) is very appropriate for the online environment and is fun, but not every class can be delivered effectively in an online environment, nor is every teaching style adaptable to Blackboard. If professors aren’t able to receive feedback, how can they think of ways to improve? Do they know what students think about their delivery methods, assignments, etc.? If students expect to get feedback from professors on their assignments, there should be the same expectation for us to give feedback — especially for online courses. I might just be unlucky in when I choose the courses that they aren’t going to be evaluated, but it should be easier to give instructor evaluations online.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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