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Overcorrecting autocorrect



As my father once said, “Autocorrect is my enema.” Bad autocorrect is such a large part of our digital culture that Ellen has a segment on her show about it. In fact, it is so common we’ve repurposed the asterisk to note a correction. No one has gone without a blunder or two, like the time I texted my friend setting up a time to do meth instead of math, and others have been the victim of a confusing or offensive text.

However, this past week I experienced the height of autocorrected fiascos. While asking my sister to sort the laundry before I got home I sent a politely worded request. What she received was a text that cut her off halfway, insulted her, and then changed the topic. It was a text so insulting that I immediately received a phone call demanding an explanation. How this is even possible is beyond me but it sure does make a great story.

Image: Robert Sweeney/The Cascade

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