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SJW Flag Police



Friggin’ Liberals at it again, kowtowing to internationalist and special interests at the expense of our heritage. Why does everything have to change? Why can’t we just keep things the way they are, which are working perfectly fine for me and the people like me. Why of all things are we changing the darn flag? Who cares if some Egyptians are uncomfortable that peacekeepers share symbols (and allegiance) with their oppressors, or some silly poutine-guzzling Quebecers (*spitting sound*) don’t think it represents them either.

I propose we show them who the true patriots are, by getting really mad for months at the expense of more important work and issues. We must stand together at this precipice, or no one else will.

I’m a proud Canadian, and I know where my loyalties are with the interests of an empire 5,800 kilometres away, and to symbols rather than people. I also know where my limits are at the alteration of fabric.

Originally printed in Le Old Cascade, vol 76. Issue 18, 1964

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