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Proud — of what? — boys



Wanting to belong to something, to feel like you are making meaningful change, can be intoxicating. And it goes without saying that we (as humans) are all dumb, and given the right enticement are incredibly impressionable. No judgements coming, just an observation.

There are guys out there (the majority of the movement from what I’ve seen) who have been taken in by alt-right and conservative shock jocks more concerned with selling them a righteous feeling and monetizing outrage over social justice warriors (who’s the snowflake supposed to be again?) than with actually making the lives of most people any better. No one’s saying you can’t be proud of your culture, orientation, or race. The question is that if your family has been here for generations, you’re straight, and you’re white-passing, what kind of recognition do you really want, and will it be at the expense of people who have it harder? And how about highlighting some of your own contributions, rather than demanding the acknowledgement of a “superior Western culture” that was built on colonization and theft. We already know they won.

You can be proud and not an asshole, unless you’re Gavin McInnes. That’s terminal.

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