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Snapshot: A Landmark Proposal



Look, maybe I’ve been wrong this entire time and the best way to encourage diligent and passionate minds really is in the form of drawn-out, three-hour PowerPoint presentations in a dim room. For the purposes of challenging my own positions and perhaps finding a new angle to approach a problem, let’s say that UFV students really do want text-only summaries of the textbooks they paid $200 for.

If that’s the case, I have a proposal that I think will not only help students get more of what they want, but help UFV expand its services and take a step closer to a thriving U-District: buy the old theatre on McCallum Road. Think about it; at least a dozen rooms with huge potential for slideshow projection, a hundred or so seats (our current small class sizes are only in ratio to the size of our available PowerPoint dimensions per UFV policy), and only a few minutes walk from C building. It’s bound to smell better than D building, even with the vacancy and potential bat colony. UFV could probably take the opportunity to shake us down for even more money by instituting a health and facilities fee or just charging industry rates for candy and pop. Students will also be psychologically primed to learn because we’ve been conditioned to expect a familiar, uninspired retelling of a text source when we go to theatres.

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