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Snapshot: Fat cats



In an ideal universe every sentient being will be free to live their life without misery and violence, and we as a society will have moved on from the shackles of a worldview defined by capitalism and nebulous market forces.

However, until such a time, can we talk about how the real leeches on society and oppressors of the common folk are pets? Yes, we love them, but it should be an equal two-way street. Why don’t I get the most expensive brands of prescription food? Why don’t I get to sleep the entire day? Why don’t I get to damage property unaccountably? Why can’t I poop in expensive chemically-treated sand? How much social capital, time, and energy do we devote to them? How often do they say thank you?

The step before our utopia will be bringing my lazy, ungrateful cats into the workforce, thereby giving them a seat at the table. I want an egalitarian world; I want to do away with these hierarchies. Either we all work or none do. We either all pay bills, or we all take naps and occasionally puke hairballs on the carpet.

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