Snapshot: Stand Up and Vote

As we draw closer to the 41st B.C. general election, I am reminded I have a certain duty to my country: to use my freedom to vote for my province’s future. “Oh crap!” I say to myself, realizing I will have to research the candidate’s positions to make an educated vote. Unfortunately, despite what Ronnie James Dio may tell us, to stand up and shout does not do anything by itself. We must travel to that ballot station and fill out that blank space to signify who we like best.

Whoever you do vote for, please consider your positions; vote for your principles and not against candidates. If you like none of them, march into the voting booth and spoil your ballot. Until our government decides to add a “none of the above” option, spoiling your ballot is the only way to make your dissatisfaction heard. Scrawl your discontent in the most angry, murdery font you can. If you don’t do any of those, don’t expect me to listen to you when our premier does something bad (and trust me, he or she will). You had the chance, and you blew it. All votes matter.