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Snapshots: French fries, cheerfulness, weird hair, and the SUB.

Snapshots: French fries, cheerfulness, weird hair, and the SUB.



snap fries

The price of fries these days

Food is expensive and students are broke. We’ve said it before. But, until last week, I thought that I had found the ultimate student lifehack: $2 gets you a lot of fries at the cafeteria, enough to actually fill you up.

To my dismay, this semester the portions have changed size and now $2 gets you the same amount of fries that it’ll get you anywhere else — not a lot at all. I don’t know if Sodexo caught on that they might be losing money on the amount of fries that they were giving away, but now I’ll be losing money unless I find another cheap food option on campus.


snap penguin

Volunteer to be happy

People often ask, “You’re always so cheerful! What’s your secret?” Well, I’ve always been good at acting happy, even when I’m not. And it’s been proven that if you force yourself to keep smiling and acting happy when you’re down, sometimes it can actually help you start to feel better.

I also find interacting with others can help immensely, even just making eye contact with a passing stranger and smiling. Or better yet, throwing a compliment someone’s way! Making someone else smile and bringing some happiness into their day can also bring happiness into yours!

As someone suffering from depression, I know it’s easier said than done, but we have to remember that our attitudes can greatly affect our lives. There’s a quote by the wonderful Stephen Colbert that I like to keep in mind: “At every moment, we are volunteers.”


snap weird hair

Half-up hair? More like halfway to crazy

There’s a new trend around town: the half-up, half-down hair bun. Beauty gurus and style icons everywhere are using the northern hemisphere of their scalps to create a topknot — while leaving the rest of it down. If you thought the topknot was bad — which, for the record, I proudly sport on a nearly everyday basis — then you will know how bad this new hairstyle is. Here’s why: leaving half of your hair out of your bun looks like you’re too short to fully see yourself in the mirror. It looks like you’re carrying around your pet hedgehog in your hair — just in case. It looks like you’re trying to hide your neck tattoo. I could go on. Visually, the half-up half-down hair bun is visually distracting and emotionally confusing. My eyes flicker from top to bottom, taking away from your beautiful face, while trying to figure out, “How is she feeling today?” I wonder if you just woke up and are late for class (hair up) or if you’re feeling like a sexy mermaid (hair down). The half-up half-down hair bun is simultaneously broadcasting two totally different moods to the world — the first sign of insanity.


snap sub

Images by Danielle Collins

SUB doesn’t suck

Wow, look at that Student Union Building! People are actually using it! I was a little worried that the place would remain as empty as it was in the summer, but two weeks into this semester, the building has a pleasantly busy atmosphere.

Having the campus restaurant in the same place as the CIVL, Cascade, and SUS offices was a good idea, too. Students who are hungry or need a place to hang out now have no excuse for their ignorance of these organizations, and I expect the coming year will see a lot more campus engagement because of it. The SUB is exactly the kind of place UFV needed to feel like more than a huge high school.


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