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Student Union executive director to resign



The UFV Student Union Society’s (SUS) executive director has announced his resignation, with his last day set to be next Wednesday, April 10. Current senior manager of finance, Jennifer Berg, will be appointed to the position on an interim basis.

The outgoing executive director, Mark Wellington, was hired two years ago after a period of nearly a year with the position remaining empty.

The executive director position oversees SUS services’ operations and personnel, which includes the finance department, food and beverage, and IT services.

SUS president Gurvir Gill said that a selection committee will be called once the new board of directors has formed, though he is not concerned about it taking time.

“I think it’s just making sure we get that right person,” Gill said.

SUS election results will be announced at the end of this week. The new SUS board will be comprised of only four students due to many positions seeing no nominations. The new board could see a split of two entirely new members and two experienced ones.

“I would make the recommendation that all four members of the board, the three executives and the one board position, all be on the committee,” Gill said.  

When asked about the ability of four students to hire an executive director, Gurvir said he would be open to outside consultation.

“This is just a simple operational component of hiring someone,” Gill said. “It would be the same if we were to hire another manager or different staff member.”

Gill said that Wellington is leaving because he has found his “dream job” at another university.

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