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A very important playlist



I watched 309 YouTube videos last night. Granted, most of the videos were less than 30 seconds long, but it still felt a little excessive. The playlist was titled “important videos,” and I guess I figured it sounded more important than writing that English paper I’d been meaning to get to. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos, when really all I want to do is watch The X-Files — but I never end up doing it. I think it’s because when I play YouTube videos, I’m able to trick myself into thinking I’m not procrastinating, because they’re so short. The amount of time I end up wasting watching dumb videos usually exceeds the amount of time it would have taken to watch The X-Files anyways, but I can’t seem to stop this cycle.

When those 309 videos finally came to an end, all I could think was “Man, why do I do this to myself?” as I continued to save “important videos 2” to my “watch later” list.

Illustration by Amara Gelaude

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