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The Rocket Man takes off again

From the get go, Elton John surprised me with how groovy, how funky he sounded.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis serve up a predictably lackluster sophomore record

This Unruly Mess I’ve Made is at the very least an enjoyable listen, but like many sophomore efforts it faces an uphill struggle to reach the standards the duo set for themselves with The Heist. Like their first effort, there is a mix of upbeat and serious efforts on this album, although the more pop-oriented tracks feel like they are trying a little too hard to get radio play.

The Witch sneaks under your skin and stays there for days

This debut from writer / director Robert Eggers works on multiple levels, notably as a slow-building horror film and faithful historical drama, centering on both the religious hysteria and madness associated with witchcraft and superstition in colonial America. Although marketed as pure horror, Eggers’ concerns are with recreating, in painstaking detail, a God-fearing New England decades before the Salem Witch Trials.

Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder

A recent survey published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that almost 61 per cent of university and college students included alcohol in their latest hook-up, meaning that they’d had a few drinks to embolden themselves, releasing their more flirtatious sides.

Volleyball teams come up short in PacWest playoffs

Both men’s and women’s volleyball teams entered the playoffs as underdogs. At the first round of competition, held at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, both of UFV’s teams tumbled out early, but not before giving a good showing of themselves.

Yellow Umbrella Project spreads some sunshine with Create-a-Vision mental health event

If you were at the Abbotsford campus this past Wednesday, then it’s quite possible that you saw a group of students under a canopy just outside Tim Hortons. Those students were members of the mental health awareness club (MHAC), and they were hosting their first ever Create-A-Vision event in the spring sunshine. The event, which involved the creation of several, simple collages from magazine pictures, allowed students to express their more creative sides; after all, it’s not every day you can superimpose Robert Downey Jr.’s face on top of picture of Halle Berry.

Global Lounge hosts weekly international music video event

For the last two weeks, the Global Lounge in Abbotsford has been host to UFV International’s World Music Videos Fridays. Open to anyone who wants to stop by, the event features music videos from around the world selected by students.

Network Coalition multi-band concert highlights Fraser Valley music scene

Experiencing so many different kinds of music, from metal, to punk, to pop-rock, and so many other genres in one room in one night goes to show that you cannot quantify the diversity of music here in the Valley. Each band had a phenomenal way of amplifying and adding texture to their individual sound.

Women’s basketball season ended by Thunderbirds

The Cascades season has come to a close, having put up a proud fight against an obdurate UBC.

Your guide to the Student Union Society election

Voting begins Monday, March 7, and runs until Thursday, March 10