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CIVL Shuffle: Bif Naked edition



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station Manager) – Email

Print Edition: April 2, 2014


CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy was pleased to see the great response UFV showed when Bif Naked visited our campuses last week courtesy of MarCom and the President’s Leadership Lecture Series. Here is a greatest hits package of Bif tracks.

“Moment of Weakness”

Bif spoke live on CIVL Radio’s The Vinyl Spinner with the Infamous Johnny K and Will the Thrill about a minimum of four moments of weakness, not in the realm of love as this song intimates, but in vice with consumption. Sometimes, these moments lead to sober improvements in ourselves.


This song is about young love, and some of the bumps in the road that come with it. Moving on, making up, or not. It’s a reminder that proximity and familiarity often breed affection, as shown in Silence of the Lambs, and (entirely irrelevant to this context) Obsession. Forgive me.

“Lucky Ones”

As CanRock a power ballad as we’ve had since the days of Simple Plan, Matthew Good, Marianas Trench, and Hedley, this track is still a familiar standard for slow dances and brooding, emotional, personal moments. Maybe it’s not quite the ubiquitous banger of a love song as “Truly, Madly, Deeply?”

“I Love Myself Today”

This song serves as an explanation of Bif’s career arc to date. She has overcome, she has risen to occasions, and she has persevered in order to set an example for not only those of us she comes to address at her lecture and in her music, but in her own life, too.


I don’t think this song is actually about a man from or in space. I’m fairly certain it’s about philandering hot-stuffs who need to take a chill pill from checking out the ethereal bodies of the ladies on the land. Remixed, replayed, and revived year after year. Rescue me!

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