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Manbir Sandhar – Vice President Internal



Area of Study: Second-year Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance Major.

Experience: Grade 12 leadership team member, receptionist at H&R Block.

What are you hoping to accomplish as VPI?

I want to make sure that all the clubs and associations are getting out because I notice when you look on the website there’s a lot of clubs and associations but you only hear about the few that throw really big events. I want to make sure they all are aware of their resources and funding that they have available and making use of it. Also, if any club needs extra funding I want to make sure that we can get than for them as well. And then for all board decisions that are made, I want to make sure that all the non-board students’ voices are getting heard so we’re not just making the decisions behind doors but we’re actually asking the students how they feel about it.

Is there anything that SUS has done in the past that you would have done differently?

No, there’s not. SUS is doing everything really well. I’ve noticed this year that there’s been a lot more events. Maybe I’ve just walked through the building more but it looks like there’s a lot more events and there’s a lot more students in the building as well. I want to make it bigger and better.

How are you planning to improve communication with the student body?

I feel like a lot of students don’t really know who the Student Union Society is and a lot of my friends don’t when I talk to them, and the students are paying fees for this so they should be aware of who the Student Union Society is and what they’re doing for them. I think we should be going out and talking to the students, not only in the Student Union Building but the rest of the buildings, especially the library where a lot of the students are, and online. I know that SUS has a Facebook page, but it need to be a lot more active, at least one or two posts a day so that it’s showing on everyone’s page. I don’t know if they have Instagram but that would be good too.

Are there any policies or bylaws you’re wanting to change?

There’s none that I know I want to change, because I don’t know a lot about the policies and the bylaws at the moment, but as the VPI one of my responsibilities is to revise all the policies and bylaws so as I’m in position I’ll make changes as necessary and ask the clubs and associations if they have any problems with the policies and we can make changes to them if necessary.

Any last remarks?

Together we can make a change. All my friends ask me what I mean by that and are like, “What are you going to do?” It’s not about what I want to do but it’s about the changes the clubs and associations and students need. I’m making a post pretty soon so the students can tell me what problems they have with the Student Union Society and discussing how we can make changes. Not what I need changed, but what that students need changed. It’s not about what I have problems with behind the doors of the building, but it’s about what the students outside want more of.

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