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Metabolism wonders



Leaning to the mirror, I gaze at my body. Wow! I seem to look skinnier… the thought makes my day. Me and my pal often argue about my weight: never finding myself plump before, I always insist on describing myself skinny, but the other day I brought the argument to a close, finally conceding.

After giving in, I made changes to my life that were a nuisance initially. Lime juice and lukewarm water became the first part of my day. Yes! I stand on the battlefield, still uncertain if my mission to pare down some weight will be successful.

It seems as if all the temptations in this world are lurking somewhere, and come out in the form of cheat days. According to a gentleman I met at work, the average man cheats two to three times per day. Pizza, shortbreads, croissants, and cookies are the most prominent offenders. My diet regime is stricter than ever, with me ramming down spinach and kale smoothies. No more couch potato! But even as I say this, I know it never really disappears from our lives. Anyway, I figured out I’ve lost six to eight pounds in the past two months. It’s working!
Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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