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Quantico fever



I still remember how pumped I was when I first watched Quantico. Netflix is like a BLACK HOLE! You dig deeper and deeper…. You never seem to come out for two or three hours once you log in. Anyway, talking about Quantico. Oh boy, oh boy! Whether the FBI agents are chasing down a terrorist plot, or an accused is taking a hostage at gunpoint, it might sound like any usual crime series, but trust me, it’s not! I first heard of the show because I am a great admirer of Russell Tovey — Mr. Ears International. He’s a talented English actor who has quite a few films under his belt. He plays an undercover agent for the FBI, which is a tough phase that all NATs (that’s what trainees call themselves) are put through. The vigorous maneuvers that they meet on their way through FBI training, and the seeming authenticity of their actions, is just mesmerizing. The series runs back and forth through its timeline. One moment you land in the scenario of a bombing at Grand Central Terminal, while the next takes you back in time to the FBI academy at Quantico.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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