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Monkey Toes



I would love to be more ambidextrous. I don’t practice often enough, but I think I could eventually get pretty decent if I did.

However, there’s also something to be said for having dexterous feet, especially for those of us who like to be efficient. (I prefer “efficient” to “lazy.”)

Dropped a pen on the ground? No need to bend over! Pet your cat or dog while you’re on the computer! Adjust the volume while playing a game you can’t pause! (Bit of a risky one here, depending on remote style and precision level.) Have to open a door, but your hands are full? No problem! (This one also requires some balancing skills.) Not to mention it’s always fun to pinch people and freak them out with your crazy monkey toes. With enough practice, who knows? Maybe someday you could even take notes while simultaneously having your hands free! Just think of all the new multitasking possibilities!

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