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My friend regularly opines about the strangeness for toasters to have a setting that fully burns the toast. I don’t think there’s anything weird about it. I happen to think there’s so much freedom in knowing you can roast the sillies out of a slice of bread.

It’s not really a problem anyways — if you don’t want your toast black as sin, avoid the intensity setting number seven brings with it.

To put our toaster’s temp control system range into perspective, a one is about a tea candle and a seven is seven seconds on the sun. Somewhere within that precarious range is the perfect setting for any typical toasting need.

For a sandwich, I like to toast at about a two, and for anything taking a spread, I’ll bring ‘er up to a five, maybe six if it’s a good jam. But seven? Not unless I want to replicate a supernova.   

So, the obliterate-matter setting isn’t really an issue if you stay away from it. Just don’t be crazy and roast at seven.

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