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I wanted lunch from a restaurant that doesn’t deliver. No problem: there are plenty of companies that bridge that gap. I picked my favourite, placed my order, and kept an eye on the GPS tracker while studying. The food was soon ready, and the driver was assigned. All was well.

About 10 minutes later I checked the driver’s progress, thinking they should be close. But it seemed the driver hadn’t even picked up the food yet. It might be a few minutes late, not too much of a problem. I went back to studying.

When I finished studying, I started getting concerned. The driver still hadn’t gotten to the restaurant. I watched the GPS feed. They were at the restaurant, but driving around it in circles.

Concerned, I contacted customer support and asked what was going on. They promised the driver was stuck in traffic.

Another half hour later, I contacted customer support again. Same thing. The third time, 15 minutes later, I requested a new driver, and finally, I got one. My lunch was in my arms 10 minutes later, but two hours after I’d initially ordered. And it was cold.

Next time, I’m just going to order pizza.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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