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Ceiling feeling



I was lying on the floor the other day looking at the ceiling. (Don’t judge me, it was a long day.) And I began to wonder if ceilings ever feel underappreciated. I mean, we see the doors and the floors, the walls and the windows. We’re thankful for them because they make rooms. But the ceiling makes the building. It completes it.

If you had a place that only had all the walls, the windows, the floors, and the doors, it would feel like something was missing. A ceiling is something under which people gather. It is a place for people to find shelter. It is where you find home. The other things are extras. Beautiful adornments. But without a ceiling, it wouldn’t feel right.
I want to be the ceiling; the shelter for someone as they go through a storm. I want to be where someone calls home. I want to be someone that people gather under because I make myself open to being that safe place. May my arms be the walls that surround you, may my smile be the window to my heart, but oh, let me be the ceiling to those in my life.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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