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The monotony of winter fruit



Winter fruit is my least favourite. The monotony of apples and oranges, apples and oranges, blah blah blah. Give me melons, give me peaches, give me strawberries. Living in the grey coastal region of B.C., you’d think we would be able to find a way to grow something more interesting in the everlasting winter, so that we wouldn’t get stuck eating apples and oranges for 10 months of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I love these two pieces of fruit, but I’m over eating them for every single snack of every single day until Mr. Sun decides to peak his pretty face out from behind the clouds. If I could only have a nice piece of pineapple that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I could pretend that life wasn’t so grey. Or consume a larger amount of raspberries than fit in that tiny little “clamshell” package that they sell. But I guess buying a $5 pineapple is a less expensive vacation than buying a plane ticket to California. So don’t mind me, I’ll be turning up the thermostat in my apartment, eating pineapple in my bathing suit, and pretending I’m somewhere sunny.Image: Amara Gelaude

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