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Top 10 burnout



Being a person who drives to and from work more than four hours a week, I listen to the radio a lot. Let’s reiterate: a lot, a lot. And in doing so, nothing is more tiring than hearing the same songs every day around the same time slot. I understand that popular songs are, well, popular and that people like these songs, but including extra variety can’t hurt, right? Combine the overplayed music with the constant interspersion of commercials and the appeal of radio broadcasts fades pretty quick. Although sometimes, I admit, the adverts are just cheesy enough to warrant a smile.

As of late I’ve found myself tuning into early morning talk shows. The station 100.3 The Q! serves as a multicultural platform where anything from bilingual talks to hard rock can be heard, but sadly once you leave the Aldergrove area the broadcast can become horrifically grainy with static.

Maybe some of the localized stations can take up some initiative. Or perhaps they might not want to pander to me, the only guy on the roads at 5 a.m.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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