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Can we talk for a minute about the state of the public bulletin boards on campus?

There are notices on the following: rooms for rent, summer jobs available, participants needed for a survey on the female menstrual cycle, various clubs’ long-past fundraising events, advertisements for courses, speakers, caterers, and the list goes on. It is honestly the most insane assortment of flyers you will ever see, tacked on with no regard whatsoever for aesthetic appeal; just a sad plea that some passerby will stop to read it and take action. These bulletin boards are a true representation of this maniacal time in the semester, with research papers, exams, and group projects all creeping up on us so many notices, so many due dates, so little time to do it all. I long for a new semester with bulletin boards swept clean of all the junk and fresh slates ready to take on a whole new batch of Canva-created posters.

Image: Satinder Dhillon/The Cascade

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