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I’m ruining all my relationships because I can’t stop talking about fonts



I know, I know. If someone asked you what the top three most boring conversation topics are, fonts would definitely be up there. But I had to read a hundred pages about this for a class it’s not my fault I retained all this font knowledge! I didn’t realize I had a problem, though, until my friend told me I’ve complained to her about why sans serif fonts shouldn’t be used in print three times already. “Please,” my mother begged me over the dinner table last week, “You sound like such a nerd, please stop talking about fonts.” (I can admit I have a problem, but at least I don’t use Comic Sans in newsletters, Mom.) But I can’t stop. Every day, I wait for my next victim, and my next opportunity to explain why Calibri is the default font on Microsoft Word.

Image: Simar Haer/The Cascade

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