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Soundbite: Ted Nugent — The Music Made Me Do It



The Nuge is back! With no restraints, the music made him do it. This is the rock and roll of freedom. We’re talking a rock and roll of plenty, celebrating big hair, big mudders, and big guns.

Grab a brewski out of the Cariboo-branded mini-fridge you won at that hotdog eating contest last May that fits perfectly in your cabin-in-the-woods-themed man cave, and blast some Nugent while you admire your wall of trophy antler racks. This album literally has it all: We’re talking guitar solos on top of drum rolls on top of guitar solos. You know what else? Guitar solos. Wee waa woo wee. Rock and roll is God’s second most important gift to the world, and Nugent’s The Music Made Me Do It is a full-on celebration of our right to rock.

A bit on the nose for you? Give the album a listen and tell me this ain’t a rescue winch for the soul.

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